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Antica Dimora Barlett premio Travellers' Choice 2021

B&B Antica Dimora Barletta winner of the Travellers’Choice 2021 award

The B&B Antica Dimora is located in the beautiful historic center of Barletta, a charming town that represents the tranquility and sunshine typical of Puglia.

We had some really hard times this year and living some nice day with our family is exactly what we need, staying in a relaxing place where attention to customer safety goes hand in hand with the beauty of the places.

Antica Dimora offers to all its customers a family atmosphere with a high degree of professionalism, to make sure that every guest always feels at ease.
Not only a beautiful location, but also an impeccable staff and the overall quality proposed make this place particularly charming and characteristic.

Travellers’ Choice 2021 Award

In 2021 the B&B Antica Dimora of Barletta received the important “Travellers’ Choice” award, which is awarded exclusively to the facilities that devote maximum attention to the quality of the customer’s stay and give them an unforgettable experience.

This award is the result of the commitment and professionalism of all the staff, who every day ensures that their guests always feel safe and pampered. It is a reward for clean and safe environments, the beauty of the rooms and the atmosphere of relaxation that you can breathe at any time.

The Travellers’ Choice award is the result of positive reviews from customers who have stayed at Antica Dimora.
Without their intervention, without their feedback, it would not have been possible to give this structure a similar recognition. This award comes from the positive judgment that has always accompanied the stay of the various customers of Antica Dimora.
With this award, the hotel definitely becomes part of the 10% of the best hotels in the world.

Why choose the services of Antica Dimora

The rooms of the B&B are equipped with all major amenities, from wi-fi to television and air conditioning. There is everything you need to relax and take care of your person.
The staff is ready to help you fulfill any request, in case you need something that is not directly available in the room.

The staff is ready to help you fulfill any request, in case you need something that is not directly available in the room.
And what about the view!!!! The fantastic central location gives you access to the entire city
of Barletta.

Staying at Antica Dimora is the right way to visit places full of history and culture, maybe visiting the Swabian Norman Castle or the Palazzo della Marra, where you can admire works by great artists.
Upon arrival in the city you can stop to look at the statue of Heraclius and its incredible grandeur that attracts the attention of all tourists passing by.

Antica Dimora allows you to live a complete experience, immersed at the same time in the historic center and its nightlife, but enjoying the calm of an isolated place. The magic of Puglia shines through every corner here, accompanied by the scents of local food.

Respect for the rules

All the rooms of Antica Dimora have been sanitized according to the current regulations. The rules against Covid-19 are respected by all members of the staff and guests staying there.

The goal is to make everyone feel safe, so as to improve relaxation and minimize the worries that have accompanied us throughout these months. By giving yourself a weekend or a week in Barletta you will forget the confusion typical of everyday life and catch your breath, find your calm and relax in a structure that has obtained this award for its ability to “pamper” its customers.

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